"When I first saw the Loupedeck, I knew that it could be a game changer for wedding photographers"


Julia Schick is a wedding photographer based in Munster, Germany. We asked her to talk a little about her work and her first impressions of Loupedeck.

What is your background?

I didn’t find a camera in my Grandfather’s attic like so many other photographers claim. I just needed a new hobby while studying something completely different. I quickly realized that I had a talent for photography and started working at a studio as an assistant and second shooter, while working on my own portfolio at the same time. One day, a former client of that studio told me she actually liked the pictures I shot at her wedding better than those shot by my former boss. That’s when I realized that it was time for me to go out and fend for myself.


Why did you become a photographer?

I’ve always had a thing for stories. I love reading novels, and I studied history because I am fascinated by people and their stories. I think that this love for humans and storytelling is reflected in my photography.

How would you describe your style of photography?

That’s always a difficult question for me, because I don’t want to be reduced to a certain style that’s in fashion for a certain amount of time, but fades away. So, especially when it comes to my wedding work, I focus on emotions and storytelling, because I think that those elements are timeless.


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