More intuitive and faster editing with Lightroom Classic

Editing images is faster, smoother and more customized with Loupedeck+ and Lightroom Classic – the ultimate editing experience.

Made for pros, enthusiasts and everyone in between, Loupedeck+ has an intuitive user interface with controls, sliders and dials for retouching, grading and fine-tuning your work. And full-screen editing lets you focus all your attention on your image and be more creative. Loupedeck+ is custom-designed to enhance the entire Lightroom experience, giving you quick access to all the tools and functions you need to create the perfect image.

When you use Loupedeck+ to edit in Lightroom, you’ll get:


  • Quick access to Lightroom presets
  • Quick and easy setup with fast learning curve – start editing in just minutes
  • Precision image cropping – gets images to the perfect crop
  • Faster navigation – no need to search panels and functions
  • Navigate and rate images with the turn and click of a dial – no mouse needed
  • No mouse or keyboard needed to jump between left and right panels
  • No mouse needed to pinpoint tiny sliders – just turn a knob
  • Supports seamless editing for new and experienced editors
  • Fully customizable to your workflow
  • Full-screen editing lets you focus on your image while your hands control the edits
  • Extremely useful tool for batch photographers – drastically speeds up the editing workflow

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